• ​​Enter now through September 17th  
  • Winners will be presented next fall (TBD)

North - South Rail Link Poster  Competition

​WHO CAN ENTER: Any students grades 1-12, in team of 1 or 2

THE CHALLENGE: A double challenge.  

Trains from all MBTA Commuter Lines north of Boston want to be able to get to the city as well as all points north, south and west.  Right now, all lines from the north terminate at North Station and all lines from the west and south terminate in South Station. 

Similarly, AMTRAK trains discontinue in Boston.  AMTRAK trains toward Portland, Maine run out of North Station.  AMTRAK trains towards Washington DC or Chicago run out of South Station.

Your challenge is to make all this happen.  We will post links to help research in the future.  This has long been a top issue of discussion, but to date, the problem remains unsolved.  Keep an open mind, read all you can about it, and even make some field trips if you wish.  Your challenge is to solve this long unsolved problem!



Why did this poem stick in Nathaniel's head for all those years?  The poem captured something worth remembering.  Beyond conveying a story about the bridge, the poem depicts the spirit and attitude of the time.  It expresses community pride, and appreciation for the fruit of their efforts.